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Once upon a time, anyone could create a web site for a business, post it online, and be done with it. Over the years, as more and more businesses have come to rely on Google search results to drive web site traffic, timely and customized SEO web content has become ever more necessary to establish a winning web presence.

Where a web site ranks in a search is determined by Google’s ever-changing, increasingly sophisticated algorithm. Six weeks ago, Google made another big update to its search engine positioning algorithm—the Penguin update.

Since we regularly and actively monitor traffic patterns and SEO rankings of all our clients’ web sites, our proactive tech director and SEO whiz Daniel quickly spotted the effects of the Penguin update and recommended immediate action.

The excellent news is that for about 90% of our client sites, search engine positioning improved after the update, showing once again that showcasing high-quality, effectively optimized, ever-renewing web content is always a winning strategy for promoting any business online.

Hits on our own site improved as well, and we are now ranking even higher for a number of highly relevant and competitive search terms. We’re fluctuating in the Top 10 on Google and Bing for the targeted term “web content writers”, along with many others.

Organic Search Optimization Brainiacs and Problem Solvers

The 10% of sites we manage that took a hit after the Penguin update are specialized niche sites that call for heavy use of targeted keywords. Though we did not intentionally use “keyword stuffing” tactics, the naturally frequent use of targeted terms was most likely interpreted as keyword stuffing.

We offer unlimited revisions on all our work, so to back that up, we proactively reached out to the few clients who had been negatively affected, explained the problem, and recommended that we revise all the site pages to tone down the use of those keywords and counteract the effect. With their approval, we executed these changes quickly, and at no extra charge.

It’s too early to tell how those sites are faring, but one client has already reported to us that he’s getting even better traffic results than before.

Trustworthy Search Engine Positioning Experts Obsessed With Your Success

The Penguin update means experienced web content writers are necessary more than ever for the best search engine performance. If you choose to work with us to create high-quality, SEO web content to promote your business, you get excellent value and solid, quantifiable results from a team of web professionals fixated on your success. Not only do we do top-notch work from the outset, we also actively monitor the results of our good work, and stay on top of search engine updates to make sure your search engine positioning remains strong and your business sparkles in the best possible light.

Our web content writing approach and methods are completely transparent because we know we’re part of the team that’s working for your company’s success.

If you have questions about the Penguin update, search engine positioning, or how we can help you promote your business effectively online and attract more customers, give Jennifer a call at 773-559-4987.

by Jennifer Kirkland

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