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World Web Content Writers - Website Writers NeededAre you a native English-speaking writer looking for interesting and varied web writing assignments that you can complete from anywhere? Can you work independently, collaborate with a team, and meet deadlines? Are you looking for competitive pay with a fun, up-and-coming company—with the potential to earn pay increases for good work? Most importantly, are you a good writer?

If so, World Web Content Writers could use your skills and creativity to help us forge new frontiers and remake the world wide web. We’re always looking for new talent to add to our diverse network of creative and technical writers.

Ideally, we’re looking for web content writers who can say yes to the following:

•    I’m a native English speaker.
•    I work well independently.
•    I can think creatively and/or technically.
•    I’m reliable at meeting deadlines.
•    I love to write.
•    I’m good at many different styles of writing.
•    I can research on my own.
•    I’m good at handling and responding to criticism.
•    I’m willing to revise to meet client specifications.
•    I am currently available and ready to take on new writing assignments.

Experience is helpful but not necessary. The most important thing to us is that you can write sizzling, persuasive, creative and/or technical content. If you have the talent, we’ll work with you.

We’re looking for writers who can speak for our clients, to our clients’ customers, and follow our SEO guidelines.

If you’ve read this far and you’re still thinking yes, fill out the form below:

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Copy and paste up to 3 of your very best writing samples in the spaces below, preferably of SEO web content or persuasive content. If you’re interested in technical writing assignments, be sure to include at least 1-2 samples of technical writing.

What workload can you typically handle—approximately how many pages per week? (We consider 1 page to be about 500 words.)

What per-word pay rate do you require? (cents/word) Please let us know an acceptable number, rather than just “negotiable”.

How much time would you typically need to turn around a 5-page / 2,500-word assignment?

Please rate your level of interest and proficiency in writing about these subject areas:


Charity and nonprofit initiatives:

Computers, hardware, and software:

Cooking and food:

Creative and performing arts:

Dating and relationships:



Finance and accounting:

Health and fitness:

Health care and medicine:


Language, linguistics, and translation:

Legal services:


Pets and wildlife:

Psychology and counseling:

Real estate:

Reproduction, fertility, sex, and contraception:

Retail products:

Skilled trades, such as carpentry:



Web and graphic design:

Web development and programming: