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Website Writers Extraordinare - Library Fireplace

We’ve shown you our rankings, we’ve shown off client sites, and we’ve shown you a few tips and tricks we’ve learned during our years of writing awesome web content.

What we’ve been a little shy about showing you—dreamy introverts that we are—is ourselves.

But the better I get to know the people within a company, the more I feel compelled to step forward and do business with them. So this windy November, we invite you into the virtual WWCW library, where a few of our pioneers are gathered around the fire, ready to tell you our stories.

Clare Rosean, Project Manager

Though my official title is “Project Manager”, I might be better known as “The Fun Slayer”, ‘cause I’m all business, kids. The newest member of the WWCW team, I came here to take names, and you can bet your sweet butt I did. Who instated a deadline policy punishing slack-off writers? This gal!

But running a tight ship takes more than punitive measures, which is why I’m constantly seeking ways to finesse operations, better organize our content and calendar, and track clients like the CIA analyst I wish I were.

Fortunately, I have a cool-headed counterpart in Jennifer, who makes a great team leader, and I can count on James to know at least a little something about any arcane topic I ask him to write about. It’s nice to work with an easygoing Southern belle, and a versatile writer, who both know quite a lot about SEO.

When I’m not managing your projects or yelling at a writer who just missed a deadline, you can find me… probably doing other work. Or watching Homeland.

James Thurston Davis, Senior Writer

When I was a kid growing up in New Orleans in the ’60s and ’70s, I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. But I’ve always been curious about the world around me.

In college, I majored in English, communications, and fine art photography before getting a history degree. I have lifelong passions for poetry, chess, politics, philosophy, astronomy, geography, geology, anthropology, and music of all kinds. I’ve worked so many random jobs I’ve lost count of how many careers I’ve had: ice cream truck driver, waiter, bartender, night club DJ, rock band manager, real estate title examiner, pizza delivery driver, political activist, restaurant manager, freelance writer, insurance copywriter, writing tutor, ghost writer, and college English instructor. I’m still not sure what to be when I grow up.

Working with the creative people at WWCW has inspired me, and I owe a lot of thanks to Jennifer, who always finds the positive in every situation. Clare, our intrepid Project Manager, gives us the creative structure we all need to do our best. I feel our pluses all come together in a fab package!

I have an experienced imagination, honed in many creative writing workshops in graduate school, where I earned an MFA in poetry writing. And I seem to have a natural ear for words and how to make a tightly composed pitch in content that flows. I don’t know where this ability comes from. But I know that if I ever do grow up, I’ll lose it.

Jennifer Kirkland, Creative Director

You may say I’m a dreamer, but at WWCW, I’m not the only one.

How can a creative person make a good living without selling out or going through unmotivated motions? To me, that’s always been the big question.

As co-founder of this cool startup, my task is to keep us dreamers walking the bottom line toward our big dreams.

After five years of writing magazine articles, brochures, business plans, and anything else that would keep the lights on, it hit me that the Internet was the future, and web content was the niche market I needed to learn inside out. In 2010, my business partner Daniel and I launched with just a few bucks in the bank.

Not a word of content flows from our hands without crossing the desk of James, a mastermind not only of creative and persuasive writing, but dozens of brainy topics. James has a thousand books on his shelf, and can tell you his captivating history with any one of them you pick up. He’s a flowing fountain of knowledge, learning, information, and trivia.

When a prospect asks me with some skepticism if we can write about window washing, international telecommunications, or matchmaking, I don’t have to sell it. James really can write expertly about paint drying on the wall and make it sound fascinating. And when they ask me how long this is going to take, I reassure them by bragging about Clare.

Once we attracted too much work to handle, Clare came along to organize and manage our projects. Her exacting discipline is the perfect foil to my laid-back approach to project management, and you can thank her when your content arrives on time and up to your expectations. She’s also a well-learned and well-published artist who sketched these illustrations of us with ballpoint pen.

I feel blessed for our thriving business, and the devoted, creative, brainy team that makes it run. And I am thankful to the skies for our terrific clients, every one with at least a dash of the dreamer within.

We’d love to hear your story, and help you tell it on your website. Give Jennifer a call or send us an e-mail, and let’s talk!

by Jennifer Kirkland, James Davis, and Clare Rosean

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