7 Web Content Mistakes That Only Fools Make—And How to Avoid Them

7 Web Content Mistakes That Only Fools Make

Your company just launched its new web site—it’s party time! The only problem is that it features 50 pages of snoozer content, cobbled together from a few generic sources and hastily revised. Soon, you’re scrambling in a panic to find content writers to churn out 100 more pages within a week, in hopes of improving your Google rankings. Pronto!

Let’s consider for a moment how you’re going to get to the top of the charts. Dragging your knuckles across the keyboard for hours, filling your pages with run-of-the-mill content that no one has time to read, or even wants to read—or paying someone a bargain bin price to do it for you—is never going to get your site on Page 1 of Google.

Many web marketing newbies think a large volume of passable content will catch Google’s attention. But as experienced web content writers, we know that a reasonable volume of quality, targeted content always outperforms a lot of limp words.

To avoid playing the fool on April Fools’ Day, consider 7 of the most common web content mistakes, and tips for improvement that rely on more than just luck:

1. Quantity over Quality

Like a $2 cheeseburger, low-quality content tempts you with the illusion of a solid meal, but it won’t give your website the nutrition it needs, and it certainly won’t fuel the life of your business.

Our philosophy has always been that 10 high-quality, well-optimized pages are worth 100 mediocre ones—and now more than ever, Google agrees. Our nimble website competes impressively with huge, content-rich sites for the top spots on Google. Why?

We entice prospects with succinct, targeted content, rather than overwhelming them with a wall of words. Though our site is small, it packs a big punch because we publish only high-quality, well-optimized content.

2. Not Enough Content

You’ve got a gorgeous website design—with very little content. But your prospects aren’t looking for nice pictures and exciting design. They’re searching for messages that make a strong case for your services, good advice that positions your company as an industry expert, and ideas that connect with what they need. None of that will be found on a site without good content.

Basic web design and quality content will take you much further up the search rank charts than beautiful design and thin content will. Our site is proof of that. Built on a simple WordPress platform with rudimentary design whistles and bells, our strong content powers the site ahead.

3. Stale Content

The origin of April Fools’ Day is obscure. April 1 was the Roman New Year’s Day, and occurred on the heels of the spring festival of Hilaria. Some speculate the tradition, universal in Western cultures, has something to do with the change from the obsolete Julian Calendar to the more precise Gregorian Calendar, which moves the start of a new year to January 1. This calendar was first adopted in France in 1582, but other countries delayed adopting the new calendar for many years.

Most cultures in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate spring with rollicking festivals, so playing the fool and pulling pranks is a natural way of shaking off the gloom of a long winter.

Your website has been online for 10 years—with the exact same content. You wouldn’t dig out your polyester leisure suit from the back of the closet and hope to make a splash at the business networking breakfast. So what gives you the idea it’s OK to give your virtual sales pitch in 2014 with ideas that are a decade out of style?

Google loves fresh content, and it’s critical to remaining relevant—to search engines and people.

4. No Keywords, No SEO

People are searching for your services right now. Whether you’re a Chicago landscaper, a New Delhi graphic design company, or a London business ESL school, people are looking for a company just like yours.

Carefully selected and properly placed keywords in your web content are the shiny lures on the fishing line that entice your prospects to bite—click and visit your site, that is. Without targeted keywords, you might as well go fishing with just a ball of string.

World Web Content Writers are currently catching fish in waters around the globe, with clients on 5 of 7 continents. Prospects are finding us through Google and choosing to hire us from across North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

5. Plastering Your Site with Content Selfies

Is your website all about you, your company, and what you do? Does it feature the long and fascinating history of how you got your start in accounting? Grandma would love to read that story in a handwritten letter—and it will be perfectly at home on your About page—but the strangers who are hunting for the best local accountant they can afford are much more interested in their needs and how you’re going to meet them.

Rather than emphasizing what you’ve done in the past, highlight what your company is doing for your clients right now. Spotlight the ways in which your services are helping your customers overcome their perplexing business problems and achieve their aspirations.

6. Poorly Written Content

Typos, usage errors, and other style flaws in your content are as off-putting as flowers wilting on your virtual reception desk, and can stomp out new business before it even sprouts. Every word on your website is a reflection of your business, so the content needs to be flawless.

7. Uninspiring Content

You can find many lovely websites that don’t inspire visitors to do anything but browse the pages. That’s fine for the library or relaxation room. But if you need to drive business, you must publish content that reels in prospects and inspires them to take action.

Persuasive web content drives the reader toward specific desired outcomes with clear calls to action. Call now to get a free quote. Sign up for our free monthly newsletter. Buy now and save $10. These are examples of clear calls to action.

If your website doesn’t guide visitors toward specific actions, you’re missing your best opportunity to attract new business online.

Writing quality web content is hard work, and that’s why it’s the only thing we do. Good web content needs to do two main things:

  1. Attract targeted prospects who are interested in your services or products
  2. Convince them to take the next step, such as call you to get a free quote or buy a product

Don’t be a fool! If your web content needs help, give us a call at 773-559-4987 or send us an e-mail so we can help you figure out how to make it work.

by Jennifer Kirkland & James Davis

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